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Brand Messaging That Brings Your Business to Life


Kick up your open rate with 52 powerhouse subject lines that you can plug and play as is or modify to fit your brand. Say byyyeee to mediocre open rates.

And it doesn't have to sound pushy, cheesy, obnoxious, narcissistic or just plain ick

Sales copy that conveys your value and your brilliance is 100% possible.

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Hey, I’m Tiff,
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I teach course creators and service providers like you how to leverage your website and email marketing to connect with your ideal clients, build a loyal following and make money while you sleep.

Ok, so is the whole *making money while you sleep*  thing actually a thing

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You better believe it! Get a sound content sales strategy humming along and watch your email list and website light up like a Christmas tree.  Your sales page should be one of your hardest working employees. It just needs a little training and a little incentivizing.

Tiff is a gifted writer with a genius sales mind. Her content is always fresh and persuasive.

– Jenny R.

“Tiff's E-Camp course is great. I have a plan, I love my new lead magnet, and I feel more confident!”

- Susan

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Chat GPT is the tin man–before he meets the wizard. 
You need copy with heart and soul enough to convert your subscribers into buyers. 
With over 15 years of experience winning 7-figure deals for Forbes 500 corporations, I know a thing or two about persuasion and using personality-packed copy to close the deal. 

business be$tie, Tiff