HEY, So...

About that *making money while you sleep* thing...

First thing's first, the number of startups increased to almost 850k in the last year alone. Small businesses are standing shoulder-to-shoulder and on their tippy toes vying for consumer attention. Heck, many are even singing and dancing for their supper over on social.

how do you stand out in a marketing moshpit?

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your content can't stink.

Let me give it to you straight because I prefer to skip off into the bank instead of the sunset...

Let's just demystify this whole content marketing thing right here, right now. Your brand messaging should reflect what you're doing for your clients and how you can serve them.

But it is N-O-I-S-Y out there. It needs to stand out in the crowd.
Your messaging needs to be wearing the fuzzy boots and rainbow tube socks but still be the one you trust to drive you home at night.

Hey mr. tin man

ChatGPT is a tool you should be using. Yes, you heard me right. A copywriter just told you to start using ChatGPT. Consider it a junior copywriter capable of doing some light lifting if need be. It's fantastic.
Buttt, it ain't you.

did you know?

it's not bullsh*t

About 64% of consumers buy from a brand because of a shared value expressed in brand messaging.

97% of clients

Are influenced by a company's website as to whether or not they'll actually buy from them.

the highest roi

Is email marketing. Even with the social media explosion, email is 38:1. Social is 3:1. *Mic drop.*

real results

"Tiff is exceptionally talented, but at the same time, has a way of making you feel like you're working with your bestie who just gets you."

"I was approaching a tight deadline and knew I needed help. What Tiff came up with in just three hours was powerful, creative and clever–wordsmithing is definitely her superpower."

- Deanne, HomeSewn 

Open rate: 65%
Click thru rate: 26%
Direct ROI: 35%

Your emails are beautiful, informative and personal. How you manage to do all those things in one email is WILD. 
You are amazing Tiff.

-Lindsay, The Daily


feel confident your sales page and emails are type a, go-getter, moneymakers


create a community of loyal, repeat buyers who champion your brand


algorithm-proof your business and TAKE back CONTROL OF YOUR CLIENT LIST


spend less time creating the *perfect Prompt* and more time making money


*Of course, our legal team would lock me in the closet if I didn’t disclose the true meaning of “ish” here. The “ish” is an up-to but no longer than 15-minute grace period. Good news is you can book me for more than one hour at a time. The choice is yours.

Complete the pre-call prep worksheet, so I know what we’re dealing with

Jump on a Zoom with me, and in 60-minutes-ish, we’ll get you a polished plan, a step-by-step marketing campaign, or a specific–and sexy–jaw-dropping offer stack

You’ll receive a recording of our call plus an emailed brief of what we covered

Here’s how it works:

Unbiased, intelligent, and actionable feedback on your course or program promise is exactly what you need

You want rapid-fire help articulating your offer, planning your email funnel, or strategizing your launch

Pricing your offer feels like high school calculus in the wild wild west of the digital marketing world

this is for you, if:

Sometimes you just need someone who’s crafted, pitched and won seven-figure deals for Forbes 500 companies for more than 15 years. Someone who’s created and launched a digital course successfully, reads sales books for fun and knows what a rotary phone is. 

I call this the Power Hour-ish because there won’t be a hard bell right at the 60-minute mark. Our sesh is over when I’ve spilled the tea–or the tequila–whichever you prefer.

Starting at $350

The Power Hour…-ish*

Fork over the scoop and hyperlink(s) of the sales page or email funnel you want me to audit and finesse–then sit back and relax

While you’re sipping on your morning latte, I’ll review your copy and confirm that your pitch is clear, specific, personalized, and explicit–no benefit left behind. I’ll smooth out your content and inject persuasive and punchy workhorse words and phrases 

Within a few hours, you’ll get a hyperlink to a private Loom video of me running through the changes and tweaks. It’s yours to keep and refer back to whenever you need it

Here’s how it works:

You’ve got what resembles a sales page but feel like it’s missing something

Your email funnel is all over the place

You have 99 problems and prefer your sales page or emails not be one

this is for you, if:

Your sales page or email funnel copy will go from meh to M-A-G-I-C-A-L, and it can all be done before lunch. You’ll feel confident and ready to launch your course or program knowing your prospects are going to gobble up your sales page and emails like tacos on a Tuesday.

Starting at $1,500

Quick and Dirty

Chat GPT is peddling pure garbage, and your copy needs a human touch

You’re ready for a little five-star zhuzhing

I’ll also hand over my Voxer handle so you can have 48 hours unlimited access to me and my brain–ask me questions or brainstorm ideas with me

Let’s meet up virtually and run through the nuts and bolts of your course or program

We’ll build a mind-blowing offer stacked with binge-worthy benefits so good your prospects would feel stupid saying no

I’ll disappear into my copy cave and put pen to paper on the perfect pitch for a sales page or 3-email funnel 

Here’s how it works:

You’ve been spending all your time running your business and have zero in the tank to give to your sales page or emails

You’re ready to slide the laptop across the table to a trusted wordsmith who can sell ice to Eskimos, prayer to the Pope, and an oil change to a Tesla owner

this is for you, if:

Congratulations, you’re about to add a valuable resource to your team for the day. Hire me for a full day to help you create your irresistible offer and put it into provoking and persuasive copy that connects with your audience and drives them to take action.

Starting at $3,000

Write or Die VIP Day

Simply put: It’s time to take it up a notch.

Later, we’ll rendezvous back on Zoom to go over the final product. You’ll receive a hyperlink to your polished, persuasive, and personality-packed, launch-ready copy

You’ll receive up to two rewrites and unlimited texting access to me over the course of one week

– Stephanie, Epic Entertainment

Tiff has gone above and beyond to ensure our brand content is on point. Our engagement has skyrocketed in less than two months.

weekly dose of email love

like an iced almond milk latte

When you're not sure what you need but you need it right now, I'll deliver free resources, market intel on trends, and actionable sh*t you'll actually use.
All without the DoorDash fees.

“It's one of the very few emails I'll hunt for every week. LOVE it!”

- Jessica, Designer