HEY, So,

About that *making money while you sleep* thing...

First thing's first, the number of startups increased to almost 850k in the last year alone. Small businesses are standing shoulder-to-shoulder and on their tippy toes vying for consumer attention. Heck, many are even singing and dancing for their supper over on social.
So, how do you stand out in a marketing moshpit? 

your content can't suck.

Let me give it to you straight because I prefer to skip off into the bank instead of the sunset...

Let's just demystify this whole content marketing thing right here, right now. Your brand messaging should reflect what you're doing for your clients and how you can serve them.
But it is N-O-I-S-Y out there. It needs to stand out in the crowd.
Your messaging needs to be wearing the fuzzy boots and rainbow tube socks but still be the one you trust to drive you home at night.

the trick is... 

Your website should start serving them before they've even bounced over to your About page. And your emails should be busting at the seams with real, actionable, helpful info. No fluff. Just the good stuff.

did you know?

it's not bullsh*t

About 64% of consumers buy from a brand because of a shared value expressed in brand messaging.

97% of clients

Are influenced by a company's website as to whether or not they'll actually buy from them.

the highest roi

Is email marketing. Even with the social media explosion, email is 38:1. Social is 3:1. *Mic drop.*

real results

"Tiff is exceptionally talented, but at the same time, has a way of making you feel like you're working with your bestie who just gets you."

I was approaching a tight deadline and knew I needed help. What Tiff came up with in just three hours was powerful, creative and clever–wordsmithing is definitely her superpower.

- Deanne, HomeSewn 

Open rate: 65%
Click thru rate: 26%
Direct ROI: 35%

Your emails are beautiful, informative and personal. How you manage to do all those things in one email is WILD. 
You are amazing Tiff.

-Lindsay, The Daily



feel confident in your sales and content strategy


create a community of loyal subscribers and repeat buyers


algorithm-proof your business and TAKE back CONTROL OF YOUR CLIENT LIST


spend less time looking for trending audio and more time making actual money

sales funnel strategy & copywriting

Ready to release a new service or finally launch your course? We'll craft a funnel strategy that will grow your know, like, and trust factor, so selling comes off less like a sweaty, slimy sales pitch and more like a sophisticated, suave invitation to a 5-star, champagne-paired dinner.

  • Sales funnel strategy and planning
  • Done-for-you brand messaging
  • Long-form sales page copy 
  • Email sequence copy
  • Set it and forget it automation


Connect and serve 24/7. The world is waiting for what you have to offer, so get it out there. Share your story, offer insight and provide value to those you serve without ever meeting them. It can be done. When your messaging is on point, the relationship grows and so will your sales.

  • Website wireframing
  • Up to 5 fully developed pages
  • Customer experience strategy 
  • Collaboration with your designers
  • Feel more confident about sharing your website

brand messaging & copywriting


Or maybe you need something right now...

VIP Days with Tiff 

VIP Days with Tiff

let's cross stuff off your to-do list


Before our VIP day, we'll have a supercharged strategy sesh that's like a 60-minute Swedish massage except for your content sales strategy. It might hurt a little but you'll feel great afterward.


On our VIP day, we'll hit the ground running with a quick 30-minute touch base call to review any further research or questions, and settle on a clear direction.


Midway through our day, we'll *meet* again to review any completed work, continue collaborating and brainstorm as needed.


Near closing time, we'll chat once more to wrap up the day, run through deliverables as-is, perform any minor tweaks and make future recommendations.

schedule a free consult

– Stephanie, Epic Entertainment

Tiff has gone above and beyond to ensure our brand content is on point. Our engagement has skyrocketed in less than two months.

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like an iced almond milk latte

When you're not sure what you need but you need it right now, I'll deliver free resources, market intel on trends, and actionable sh*t you'll actually use.
All without the DoorDash fees.

“It's one of the very few emails I'll hunt for every week. LOVE it!”

- Jessica, Designer

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