My Motto

let's not leave money on the table

You know that gnawing suspicion you get that your sales page might not be turning the casual looker into a committed buyer? Like it's maybe *quiet quitting* you? Or that pumping out consistent content to your email list sounds like something Team Hustle Culture would be down for but don't have the bandwidth?

So I designed a framework for your sales page that wins "Salesperson of the Month" every time someone shows up at your proverbial door.

And I've made it so that emails create a relationship with your list so strong, they won't just trust you, they'll feel like they've known you forever.

I've been there

It used to be that closing deals was done over cobb salads and martinis, now it's over takeout and a keyboard

I once heard someone say that sometimes you're so close to your genius, you don't recognize it. I had spent the better part of my 20-year working life creating ways for luxury brands to reach their ideal clients. Designing a campaign for a 5-star hotel or a Forbes 500 company was what I spent the bulk of my time doing. That, in conjunction with pitching and selling the ideas to the C-level suite.

So when a few of my entrepreneurial friends asked me what they should do to market and pitch their top-notch services, I could spew out endless ideas. I started helping them by developing brand messaging that attracted their ideal clients. Soon, I was writing websites and hundreds of emails–both churning out loyal readers and repeat buyers. The rest is, shall we say, HERSTORY.

A few mags I worked with...


I can help you tweak, finesse, zhuzh your words to start doing some of the heavy lifting.

our expertise:

We help badass female creative entreprenuers uncover their purpose and find their passion.

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Straight talk,
actual strategy,
strong drinks,
holiday playlists, 
lots of pink–obvi.

what you won't:

mumbo jumbo,
the word "unprecedented",
hustle culture.

that's what (they) said:

Tiff understands our target audience and talks to them in a way that drives value and sales.

amy, entrepreneur

Working with Tiff has been invaluable. She's strategic, thoughtful and delivers every time.

stephanie, epic entertainment group

Tiff's emails are beautiful, informative and personal. How she manages to do all those things in one email is WILD.

Lindsay, the daily with lindsay


One Year of Email Subject Lines

Kick up your open rate with 52 powerhouse subject lines that you can plug and play as is or modify to fit your brand. Say byyyeee to mediocre open rates.