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Every month, in 30 minutes or less, I'll give you exactly what you need to write a high-converting sales page ... FREE.
No pitching–no kidding.

In February's SPW, I'll share how to effectively use testimonials and social proof to build trust and strengthen proof of concept. We'll focus on what testimonial questions to ask, when to ask them, and how to frame them for maximum impact.


this month

Using Social Proof To Sell

february 20, 10am pst/1pm est

Can't make it live? No problem.
I'll send you a replay.

Social proof is a gamechanger.
If you've got it, you're golden.
If you don't...well, that stinks.

The first thing I ask my clients is: do you have testimonials?
Writing a sales page requires you to use *voice of customer* and there's no better way to hear your audience then in their own words.

how testimonials amplify your sales page–and close the deal

examples of great testimonials and *meh* ones

how and when I ask for social proof

my list of feedback questions you can steal and use today

no siree bob

SPW isn't a dressed-up *workshop* that ends with a monster pitch . . .

Sales Page Workshop is meant for entrepreneurs and course creators who want to get started or uplevel their sales pages.
 In 30 minutes or less each month, I’ll share my best tweaks and tactics for creating a *closing* sales page. The 30 minutes includes time for live Q&A. If you can’t make it live, SPW replays will be sent directly to your inbox and available for two weeks.
Grab your latte or lunch, a notebook, and let’s get started.

Meet Your Sales Coach & Copywriter

The Official Bio: Top-tier luxury sales professional for global publishing companies, sponsorships like the Grammys and Academy Awards, and digital marketing. Created and pitched 7-figure deals to C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Four Seasons Resorts, Coca-Cola, and Boeing. 

TLDR: After 15 years of writing proposals and closing deals, I started Changemaker Marketing to help entrepreneurs and course creators write better sales content so they could make better money. I create copy for cash, and I can help you do the same with your sales pages.

“I now have the confidence to build my own sales page.”

After SPW, I know that my copy will cut through and speak directly tomy audience–crushing every objection. I can't wait to get the revised copy over to my page designer!

- Mariana Henninger

Founder, CEO Brandmagnetic

Ready to finally finish that sales page?

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