Sales Copywriting 101: How to Start

Learning to be your own sales copywriter is one of the most valuable investments you can make for your business. Whether it’s product or service descriptions, investor pitches, website copy, blogs, presentations, or emails, sales copywriting is one of those things that you’ll be doing a lot as a business owner. Doing it compellingly with […]

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Digital Marketing for Startups

If you’re experiencing anything like I did in the first 6 months of my business, you’re most likely feeling slightly overwhelmed and possibly confused as to how to market your biz. The available digital marketing strategies for startups seem endless. Do you jump on social, throw up a Google Business Profile page, or double down […]

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20-year-old girl driving moving truck

6 Things I Would Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

You’ve probably been learning valuable life lessons like rapid fire if you’re an entrepreneur. Besides the tactical and strategic side of being a business owner, I’m learning daily that so much of it is mindset. Sure, an expert or coach can give you the tools, tricks, and roadmap, but if your head is not in […]

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How To Get Crystal Clear On What You’re Offering

After weeks of looking, you’ve purchased a website template that speaks to you, your brand and hopefully, to your people. You’ve nabbed your favorite spot on the couch, poured yourself a glass of wine and rolled up your sleeves–girl, you’re ready to do this thing! Congratulations!  But there’s one challenge I’m going to give you […]

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Montage of photos creator uses to build brand voice

How to Find Your Brand Voice

Brand voice is brand personality. Just like people have personalities, your brand has core values and beliefs. Finding your brand voice is key to building an attractive, resilient, and long-lasting brand.  The most well-known brands in the world are experts at conveying brand voice. Companies like Coca-cola and Nike have distinctive messaging that helps the […]

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how to find your brand voice

What's all the hubbub about *brand voice* anyway? Well, turns out it will help you stand out in a crowd, grow relationships with your clients anddd make you some moolah. See what it is and how to find yours.

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